We created Good Hemp waters to be functional hydration. By infusing cannabinoid (CBD) rich hemp oil with prebiotic fiber, we set out to support our endocannabinoid system (ECS).

What’s an ECS, you ask? Click on, my friend!
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Let’s make sure we all know what hemp is and what hemp is not. Although hemp and marijuana are related, hemp contains nothing that will get you “high”, hemp is legal in all fifty states and hemp products are sold at nearly every major grocery chain in the US. Hemp delivers an incredible list of amazing feats that include being a great food source, a great source of fuel and a great source of fiber – and that’s the short list! For more on hemp, please click here:


of Prebiotic Fiber


mg of cannabinoid (CBD) rich hemp oil

No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners

Your Endocannibinoid System (ECS)

We all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). A growing volume of research suggest that our ECS is involved in a wide variety of critical physiological processes, including:

  • Appetite, digestion, and metabolism
  • Anxiety, mood, fear, stress, and emotions
  • Immune system function & inflammation
  • Memory and learning
  • Pain

Overall, the main role of the ECS seems to be to help maintain homeostasis – a state of balance and equilibrium. For example, our bodies need to feel some anxiety because it can be beneficial to our performance and even survival, but too much anxiety can wreak havoc on our mental health.

Similarly, inflammation can be a beneficial process that promotes healing, but too much inflammation can lead to health disorders. This where the ECS can step in and help nudge things in the right direction, to keep these and other processes at just the right level.


Hemp, Prebiotics and Flavor

Hemp is an amazing agricultural crop that is super sustainable and provides some of the best economic support for American farmers. Hemp is also a “super plant” that delivers food, fiber and fuel. As a food source, hemp is the single best natural source of cannabinoids (CBD) and provides the greatest spectrum of CBD compounds.

Prebiotic fiber supports gut health

Higher intakes of Prebiotics are linked to benefits like improved digestion & gut health, reduced inflammation & stress response and improved immune response. Good Hemp delivers 25% of the daily allowance of prebiotic fiber. In striving to create the greatest and most efficient uptake of the CBD rich hemp oil, we added fiber. By supporting your gut health, we are striving to increase your body’s efficient use of the CBD.

Canna Energy

Water has become the fastest growing sector of the beverage market which is awesome. That said, water by itself can get a bit boring (no offense, Mr. and Mrs. H2O!) so we added flavor. Our waters are lightly flavored – just enough to quench your thirst, but not too sweet or too strong that it tastes like juice.

Who knew hemp and hydration could taste so good together?

Our Story

We live in Colorado and have seen the incredible growth and benefits that people were experiencing with hemp. Hemp truly is a “superplant” that provides food, fiber, fuel and possibly medicine. We heard so many of the stories of how hemp had helped kids with seizures, reduced people’s pain, supported veterans working through PTSD and countless other benefits. I decided to try hemp and it did amazing things for helping me focus, feel better, reduced joint pain, and even sleep better. I wanted to find a way to share the experiences I was having.

I hope you enjoy the drinks!

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